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Continuity of Operations COOP

Continuity of Operations COOP

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Audience: Senior Level Management
Prerequisite: None

An organization’s resiliency is directly related to the effectiveness of its continuity capability – the ability to perform essential functions continuously.

Response Systems provides best practice consulting, plan development, full COOP element training and exercises to test Continuity of Operations Plans. Our COOP portfolio of services supports hospitals, system wide COOP strategies, Coalition COOP plan development, and Statewide COOP planning efforts. Response Systems also consults with related medical business entities on integrating Business Recovery Strategies with COOP plans for corporate operations and assimilation with key suppliers.

Continuity of Operations (COOP) is a well-developed practicum. As part of a National Security Presidential Directive on Emergency Preparedness, FEMA has developed a comprehensive set of COOP guidelines including certification programs. Response Systems models FEMA awareness and operational concepts and ties in state COOP guidance in creating COOP training programs and exercises. We also tap into our relative experiences:

  • Our team has built and been responsible for maintaining COOP plans at state, community, health care system,
    hospital and individual clinic levels.
  • We have direct experience running community based health clinics and have been responsible for maintaining
    COOP plans and overseeing activities to sustain COOP preparedness efforts.
  • Members of the Response Systems team have been certified in FEMA’s EMI 546a and 547a COOP instruction.