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Proven Results

R-S-I has demonstrated many times the ability to meet and exceed expectations of our clients.

Our response division has conducted multiple successful deployments both in the contiguous states and U.S. territories. We have successfully transported patients as designated or cared for patients impacted and displaced by the incident.

The Training and Education division has developed, designed, and conducted multi-year training plans for state organizations supporting regional and local healthcare entities.

Consulting division has supported or actually written plans for Regional Health Care Systems and State agencies.

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Responding to Hurricanes Irma & Maria
2017 was a very active hurricane season with highly destructive storms across the US and its territories.
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Louisiana - Harvey
Although the bulk of the storm missed Louisiana, the State’s biggest impact was evacuees from Texas.
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Florida - Irma
As an asset of Louisiana, R-S-I was asked to deploy to an EMAC request from the state of Florida during their recovery efforts from hurricane Irma.
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Puerto Rico – Irma & Maria
Due to the massive destruction in Puerto Rico, Louisiana again wanted to assist in any way they could so R-S-I was again deployed.
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St. Croix – Irma & Maria
Simultaneously while deployed in Puerto Rico, Louisiana received an EMAC request for pharmacists to the USVI (St. Croix).
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St. Thomas – Irma & Maria
In early 2018, R-S-I was called upon to deploy nursing staff to St. Thomas, USVI through an EMAC request to Louisiana.
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Louisiana Floods of 2016
Many residents of Louisiana went to sleep on the night of August 11 th , 2016 knowing rain was predicted for the State.
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Responding to Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Gustav was the sixth largest US based disaster in terms of monetary collateral damage. Beyond the manifestations of infrastructure, there was an incalculable personal toll.
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Assisting In The Libya Healthcare Mission
Amidst a raging internal war, Mark Chambers, Senior Consultant to Response Systems, deployed to Libya with a team of medical professionals on a humanitarian aid mission.
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Mass Medical Evacuation Unit
A fire broke out in Stevens County, Kansas that quickly spread into western Haskell County. Fire crews worked to try contain the fire amidst winds estimated at 60 mph.