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Why Response Systems

Fielding a lot of inquiries regarding availability of PPE and supplies in the quest of preparing for the worst of COVID-19.

With regards to PPE supplies and interesting alternatives that other countries and regions are either manufacturing or utilize on their own; the CDC has a list of those that meet a minimum threshold of protection yet may not be our recommended choice in the US. Should you have any questions or requests, please let us know and we will engage our subject matter experts regarding any particular issue you have in mind. The CDC also is a resource to consult regarding the elongation use of PPE to stretch out supplies until your next shipment arrives. This advice includes the reduction of necessary caregivers to don PPE as well as other restricted use considerations of staff.

While we wash our hands more frequently and earnestly, always great seasonal flu prevention practice, here’s hoping Mom Nature prescribes an early and warm Spring.

Todd Grainger

President, R-S-I